Can your system control Radiant heat and VRF cooling systems?

Yes! This is actually the reason we first developed our technology. We can seamlessly integrate VRF heating+cooling, traditional radiant heating systems(in-floor and radiators), zone valves, electric baseboard heating, and practically any other heating element found in homes and businesses.


Does your system allow control over Humidity?

Absolutely. We can handle simple control over traditional humidification systems as well as more complex 0-10v gradual/staged control of multiple humidification zones. 


Can I control my system from outside of my house or business?

Yes! Our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps allow for control and monitoring while away. We even have a simple, one-touch Away Mode activation which puts your whole house into an efficient "set-back" temperature for all zones. Before you return, simply press one button on your phone, and every zone resumes its regularly scheduled program.


Can the SPoC system be integrated with existing automation systems?

Yes. Our system can be integrated with all industry-standard control systems including Crestron, AMX, and Savant.


Does the SPoC system interfere with the VRF system's normal operating procedures?

No. Our system can exist alongside any VRF controllers without interfering with their operation. Our system does NOT disable any inherent equipment functionality.